Cindy Zhuo is an excellent Chinese realtor and an amazing investment advisor in the DFW area. She is also bilingual, speaking English, Mandarin and Fuzhou. In addition to being a realtor, she also offers services for real estate development, buying and selling hotels, office and, business buildings, vacant land, and farmland.

Cindy is not only responsible for Chinese realtor but efficient and a determined agent, with a passion for real estate. Yet she still has time to be a detail-oriented person whose patient with her clients throughout their process of investments. Cindy is known to offer the best service in Texas, out of state and China.

Company background:
Century 21 Real Estate LLC is a popular well-known real estate company. Its business covers 80 countries in the world, with 7,700 offices and over 120,000 real estate agents. There are more than 3,000 offices in 81 different cities in China. The mother company Realogy (NYSE: RLGY) is one of the Top 500 companies by Fortune magazine offering global real estate services. Century 21 Sunset’s Group service covers commercial property, residential, rental management and real estate development.

In the U.S., real estate investment has never faded, and the DFW area is rated one of the hot spots for investors. Active real estate trading is a test for an agent’s capability and profession. An agent plays a role in real estate trading. A good agent will benefit you more than you can imagine.

Cindy is a warm, helpful, kind-hearted and an extensively experienced Chinese realtor agent with a contagious smile. She is always ready to answer all and any questions from her clients. You’ll often hear her say “I’d rather you dump all the questions on me, than hide them.” Cindy says it is her job to eliminate any doubt or questions that her clients have.
Cindy really enjoys walking through houses with her clients, this is not only an exciting process for her clients but her as well. As per client comes a different learning experience, and of course the satisfaction of helping her clients and meeting more than their expected expectations.


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